3D Canvas v7.1.1.2

3D Canvas is a real-time, 3D-modeling and -animation tool that incorporates a drag-and-drop approach. Complex models can be constructed from simple 3D primitives or created using 3D Canvas´s object-building tools. Creating an animated scene is as simple as positioning the objects within your scene for each point in time in your animation. 3D Canvas will ensure the resulting animation runs smoothly.

In version 6.5.1 six new import formats are now available: MD2, Biovision Motion Capture (bvh), Neutral Object Format (nof), Raw Triangles (raw), Wavefront (obj), and WorldToolKit (nff).

Size: 11.03MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2007-12-26
Submit Date: 2008-01-02
OS: Win 2000/XP/Vista

Download: http://www.3d-canvas.com/downloads/3DCanvas.zip

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