Alibre Design Xpress 11

Ready to get started with a real parametric solid modeler, but don´t want to spend money to try it? Alibre Design Xpress delivers the features you need to get started with 3D design and tackle projects for your business or workshop. It´s a rich and capable design application for creating parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings. Those that are new to 3D will find the tutorials, help, and user interface helpful in learning how to build 3D designs. Xpress is used in manufacturing, woodworking, mechanical design, and much more. Professional designers can use it at home and export for work. Once you have mastered Xpress, you can upgrade to more robust versions of Alibre Design
Size: 136.37MB
Release Date:2008-09-22
Submit Date:2008-10-21
OS: Windows Vista/2000/XP


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