Vista Customization Pack is a free and useful language independant (all languages are supported) shell pack for all Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Important: Please switch off your Antivirus / Firewall Software in order to get it installed properly!


* New Installer offering 2 different setup options
* Full Installation
* Goodies (Aero Visual Style, Styler Toolbar themes, The WB Skin, Wallpaper)
* Language Independant
* Dialogues are customized
* IconCache rebuild
* New System & Desktop Properties
* New Wallpapers
* Uninstaller [Revert your system easily]
* DLL Patching [similar to Brico´s Pack]
* Msstyle and WB 5 Theme
* New Icons Installation
* Modded UXTheme
* WMP 11 Skin
* New Screensavers (Aurora)
* New tray icons(audio and network)


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