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Shutdown Master is a powerful network enabled shutdown utility, that allows you to shutdown, log off, reboot, turn off, hibernate, enter in standby mode, shut down, reboot, and send messages to computers in your network, both automatically or manually with one mouse click.

You can shutdown your computer at user defined times every day, by date or when cannot ping a specified IP address. For example, you can set it to shut down your machine at different times based on the day of the week. The program uses 24 hour format.

Before shutdown you can specify to delete Internet Explorer cache files, cookies, history, empty the recycle bin, delete records of recently accessed files, disconnect from Internet, and run any application. Also provides access to shutdown, restart, standby, hibernate, and log off commands from the system tray and can save a list of machines to be reloaded later, at system startup.

Shutdown Master v1.0 includes:

* IP scanner utility, for fast IP detection.
* Shutdown server, for remote shutdown in any Windows version.
* Remote execution: if you turn on this option, you can run applications from your remote machine

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