AVG tidak hanya handal dalam urusan penangkal virus dengan AVG Anti Virusnya, ternyata AVG dengan AVG Tuneup juga handal dalam urusan menjaga stabilitas komputer kita agar tetap stabil, AVG PC TuneUp 2011 - Solusi ideal untuk komputer Anda. Ini adalah alat yang ampuh untuk mengkonfigurasi sistem anda dengan cara yang paling optimal, membersihkan registri dan disk drive anda, serta mengoptimalkan program-program anda. Program ini berisi lebih dari 18 utilitas yang dapat membersihkan, mempercepat dan memecahkan masalah komputer Anda.....

Key features:
* You will be notified about when to optimize the system performance of your computer.
* Speed up Internet connection with Internet Optimization Wizard.
* You can manually adjust any parameter of the connection to the Internet.
* View statistics compounds (number of sent / received bytes) and traffic with convenient schedules.
* Adjust the browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera.
* Speed up Windows, optimize memory your computer.
* Optimize the components of Microsoft Office.
* Optimize ICQ, MSN Messenger, Outlook Express and Norton SystemWorks.
* Prevent the appearance of pop-up ad banners with Banner Killer.
* Check your system to the need to optimize it, as they say, in one fell swoop!


Disk Cleanup
AVG Disc Cleaner to clean your computer from system debris, duplicate files and unnecessary programs, freeing up disk space.

Correction of errors in the Windows Registry
The program will correct errors and structural defects, and also defragments the Windows registry for more stable operation of your computer.

Disk Defragmentation
AVG PC Tuneup 2011 includes a new version of the defragmenter - AVG Disk Defrag 3 with all its features and functions.

New! Recover deleted files
With the new utility File Recovery, you can recover accidentally deleted files, and files deleted by viruses and malware.

Optimize your Internet connection
Integrated Internet Optimizer to increase the speed of downloading files and uploading sites by optimizing the settings of your Internet connection.

System Setup
AVG PC Tuneup 2011 includes a tweaker with more than 280 different options for fast and easy to customize Windows to your needs and preferences.

Changes in version AVG PC Tuneup 2011:
- Significantly accelerated downloading Disk Cleaner and Track Eraser
- Removed category "Cleaning prefetch" under Windows XP, because this category leads to a slowdown next Windows downloads
- Greatly improved error handling defragmentation registry Registry Defrag, now the program in more detail and understandable reports for any reason unable to complete the defrag Registry
- Fixed bugs in the algorithms for finding the wrong key in the Registry Cleaner
- Improved scheduler Integrator
- Improved optimization of the Opera browser in Internet Optimizer
- Improved some tips in System Advisor
- Fixed problem causing crash System Information upon receipt of data on your computer
- Improved defragmentation algorithm for individual folders and files in the Disk Defrag
- Implemented a number of cosmetic improvements to the appearance of the program
- Fixed bugs in language files.

Home: http://www.avg.com/eu-hu/avg-pctuneup

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